Often people caring for or working with individuals with special needs feel they lack the knowledge, tools, resources, or support they need. It can be difficult to access training that is relevant and meaningful to the specific set of circumstances a group is experiencing. Frameworks CTR provides training to any group or agency that interacts with individuals with special needs. We have worked with churches, community service organizations, parent groups, and schools. Our training’s, workshops, and retreats are created to address the specific needs of each group.

Training can be conducted at a site convenient for the agency/group, at a park or retreat-like location, or at Frameworks CTR. Training and retreats conducted have included the following topics: self-care for primary care givers, safety and de-Escalation, behavior support strategies, inclusion, accommodations and modifications, and collaboration. Follow-up consultation to support implementation of training content is available.

Please contact us if you are interested in having a training created for your group/agency.