Behavior Support

All parents encounter hardships in raising their families. Parents of children who display challenging behaviors experience a unique set of difficulties. Simple tasks such as going to the grocery store or getting your child ready for school can become a battle. We know that families are under a lot of stress can often feel overwhelmed, helpless and even hopeless.

Our clients often experience difficulties with:

  • Social interactions
  • School engagement
  • Emotion regulation
  • Functional communication
  • Independent/life skills
  • Organizational skills
  • Sensory integration
  • Problem solving skills.

These difficulties manifest themselves in a variety of behaviors and levels of intensity and may include: yelling, throwing, hitting, refusal, withdrawal, running, avoidance, and property destruction. Frameworks CTR has worked with families to address a number of needs. We have helped clients: ride the bus, attend school daily, go to doctor appointments, navigate community experiences, participate and engage in school activities, work through their anxiety in order to leave their room or home, be responsible for their school materials and organizing their spaces, and develop strategies to communicate needs and concerns.

We work one on one with individuals with special needs in their homes, schools, and/or community settings.  Our process enables us to determine the client’s strengths and to identify missing skills and resources. We strive to work collaboratively with team members to develop creative solutions that are a match for a client’s specific needs. Key components of our behavior support program include development and implementation of functional behavioral assessments and positive behavior support plans; as well as,  parent and caregiver coaching.  

If you are interested in services, please complete the registration and enrollment forms on the forms page or contact us regarding any questions you may have about our services.