To learn more about services and resources available, contact us by phone or email. The first step is a phone call in which we discuss the client’s specific needs, concerns, and desired outcomes. Through this conversation we will determine what services and/or resources would be helpful for the individual/family. We use a variety of information gathering methods including: completion of registration forms, records review, observation, client and/or caregiver interviews, collaboration with other professionals (i.e. teachers, therapists, etc.).

In some cases, we may need to complete a more thorough assessment. These steps would include: informal and formal assessment measures, structured assessment activities with the client. Information gathered is then summarized in a report along with identified areas of need and recommendations to support next steps. Once the intake and assessment process has been completed the client and the therapy team meet to review the recommendations. The client and the therapy team create a treatment/support plan based upon the agreed strategies.